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Facile Synthesis of One Dimensional AgBr@Ag Nanostructures and Their Visible Light Photocatalytic Properties

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posted on 11.12.2013 by Bo Li, Hua Wang, Bowei Zhang, Pengfei Hu, Chang Chen, Lin Guo
In this work, we successfully prepared one dimensional (1D) AgBr@Ag nanostructures in high yield by a facile wet chemical method, and the plausible growth mechanism was discussed. The synthesis of as-prepared AgBr@Ag nanostructure is a dissolution and recrystallization process, and the PVP and DMSO have a synergistic and competitive effect on the preparation of 1D AgBr@Ag products. Moreover, the AgBr@Ag nanorods exhibit excellent photocatalytic activities under visible light illumination, which may be attributed to their large surface area as well as superior charge separation and transfer efficiency compared to AgBr@Ag particles.