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Extraordinary Nonlinear Absorption in 3D Bowtie Nanoantennas

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journal contribution
posted on 22.02.2016, 09:22 by Jae Yong Suh, Mark D. Huntington, Chul Hoon Kim, Wei Zhou, Michael R. Wasielewski, Teri W. Odom
This paper reports that arrays of three-dimensional (3D), bowtie-shaped Au nanoparticle dimers can exhibit extremely high nonlinear absorption. Near-field interactions across the gap of the 3D bowties at the localized surface plasmon resonance wavelengths resulted in an increase of more than 4 orders of magnitude in local field intensity. The imaginary part of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility (Im χ(3)) for the 3D bowtie arrays embedded in a dielectric material was measured to be 10–4 esu, more than 2 orders of magnitude higher than reported for other metal nanoparticle-dielectric composites. Moreover, 3D dimers with increased nanoscale structure (such as folding) exhibited increased optical nonlinearity. These 3D nanoantennas can be used as critical elements for nanoscale nonlinear optical devices.