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Elasticity, Adhesion, and Tether Extrusion on Breast Cancer Cells Provide a Signature of Their Invasive Potential

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posted on 05.10.2016, 00:00 by Georges Smolyakov, Bénédicte Thiebot, Clément Campillo, Sid Labdi, Childerick Severac, Juan Pelta, Étienne Dague
We use single-cell force spectroscopy to compare elasticity, adhesion, and tether extrusion on four breast cancer cell lines with an increasing invasive potential. We perform cell attachment/detachment experiments either on fibronectin or on another cell using an atomic force microscope. Our study on the membrane tether formation from cancer cells show that they are easier to extrude from aggressive invasive cells. Measured elastic modulus values confirm that more invasive cells are softer. Moreover, the adhesion force increases with the invasive potential. Our results provide a mechanical signature of breast cancer cells that correlates with their invasivity.