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Effects of Inherent/Enhanced Solid Acidity and Morphology of Diatomite Templates on the Synthesis and Porosity of Hierarchically Porous Carbon

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posted on 21.12.2010 by Dong Liu, Peng Yuan, Daoyong Tan, Hongmei Liu, Mingde Fan, Aihua Yuan, Jianxi Zhu, Hongping He
The inherent or enhanced solid acidity of raw or activated diatomite is found to have significant effects on the synthesis of hierarchically porous diatomite-templated carbon with high surface area and special porous structure. The solid acidity makes raw/activated diatomite a catalyst for the generation of porous carbon, and the porous parameters of the carbon products are strongly dependent on the solid acidity of diatomite templates. The morphology of diatomite also dramatically affects the textural structure of porous carbon. Two types of macroporous structures in the carbon product, the partially solid pillars and the ordered hollow tubes, derive from the replication of the central and the edge pores of diatom shell, respectively. The hierarchically porous carbon shows good capability for the adsorption of solvent naphtha and H2, enabling potential applications in adsorption and gas storage.