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Effect of Audible Sound on Protein Crystallization

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journal contribution
posted on 03.02.2016 by Chen-Yan Zhang, Yan Wang, Robin Schubert, Yue Liu, Meng-Yin Wang, Da Chen, Yun-Zhu Guo, Chen Dong, Hui-Meng Lu, Yong-Ming Liu, Zi-Qing Wu, Christian Betzel, Da-Chuan Yin
The successful crystallization of proteins is important because their molecular three-dimensional structures can be obtained through X-ray diffraction when in their crystalline form. Investigation of the crystallization process is beneficial for this purpose. We have reported that protein crystallization is sensitive to audible sound, which is commonly present but is often ignored. Here we investigate the effect of audible sound parameters, especially frequency, on a protein crystallization. We show a significant facilitation of protein crystallization using 5000 Hz audible sound, possible mechanism was also tried to be clarified. Suitably controlled audible sound can be beneficial for promoting protein crystallization. Therefore, audible sound can be used as a simple tool to promote protein crystallization. In addition, the processing of other types of materials may also be affected by audible sound.