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Dual Tuning of Ultrathin α‑Co(OH)2 Nanosheets by Solvent Engineering and Coordination Competition for Efficient Oxygen Evolution

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posted on 26.12.2018 by Zuozhong Liang, Chaochao Zhang, Yang Xu, Wei Zhang, Haoquan Zheng, Rui Cao
Large-scale preparation of ultrathin 2D Co-based nanosheets is of great importance in the fields of catalysis, energy conversion, etc. Herein, we have developed a simple preparation method of 2D ultrathin α-Co­(OH)2 nanosheets by mixing an aqueous solution of Co salt and a methanolic solution of 2-methylimidazole at room temperature. The resulting α-Co­(OH)2 materials are nanosheets with an average thickness of ∼2.5 nm and the size in micrometers. Benefiting from the ultrathin thickness, this α-Co­(OH)2 nanosheet exhibits excellent oxygen evolution reaction performance with an overpotential of 267 mV at j = 10 mA cm–2. This strategy can be applied to prepare other 2D Co-based layered double or triple hydroxides. Therefore, this work provides new strategies to prepare a series of 2D hydroxide nanosheets with solvent engineering and coordination competition.