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Dual Peptide-Based Gene Delivery System for the Efficient Transfection of Plant Callus Cells

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journal contribution
posted on 03.06.2020 by Takaaki Miyamoto, Kousuke Tsuchiya, Keiji Numata
Owing to their diverse functions and tunable physicochemical properties, peptides are promising alternatives to the conventional gene delivery tools that are available for plant systems. However, peptide-mediated gene delivery is limited by low transfection efficiency in plants because of the insufficient cytosolic translocation of DNA cargo. Here, we report a dual peptide-based gene delivery system for the efficient transfection of plant callus cells. This system is based on the combination of an artificial peptide composed of cationic cell-penetrating and hydrophobic endosomal escape domains with a gene carrier peptide composed of amphiphilic cell-penetrating and cationic DNA-binding domains. Cellular internalization and transfection studies revealed that this dual peptide-based system enables more efficient transfection of callus cells than does a carrier peptide alone by enhancing the endocytic uptake and subsequent cytosolic translocation of a carrier peptide/DNA complex. The present strategy will expand the utility of peptide-mediated plant gene delivery for a wide range of applications and basic research.