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Determination of Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficients of Several Organic Solutes in N‑Butylpyridinium Nitrate/N‑Octylpyridinium Nitrate by Blend Inverse Gas Chromatography

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posted on 20.09.2017, 12:12 by Xinyu Pan, Yali Chen, Lishuang Deng, Qiang Wang
The miscibility behavior of N-butylpyridinium nitrate/N-octylpyridinium blends with different compositions was studied using the inverse gas chromatography (IGC) technique. Twenty-one solvents, including alkanes, cycloalkane, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ethyl ether, acetone, and esters, with different chemical properties were studied to evaluate the interaction between N-alkylpyridinium nitrates and solvents. The interaction parameters of different ionic liquids [ILs] have been calculated. Results were consistent with the activity coefficients at infinite dilution and weight fraction activity coefficient. In addition, the miscibility term ΔH1S was significantly different in each obtained IL blend. The solubility parameters of N-butylpyridinium nitrate/N-octylpyridinium blends were derived using the calculation δ12/(RT) – χ12/V1 versus δ1 of probes. The altered values of the solubility parameters were consistent with those of the studied ILs based on the methylimidazolium cation.