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Current Understanding of Human Metaproteome Association and Modulation

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journal contribution
posted on 23.09.2019 by Shahd Ezzeldin, Aya El-Wazir, Shymaa Enany, Abdelrahman Muhammad, Dina Johar, Aya Osama, Eman Ahmed, Hassan Shikshaky, Sameh Magdeldin
During the last decade, metaproteomics has provided a better understanding and functional characterization of the microbiome. A large body of evidence now reveals interspecies, species of bacteria–host interactions, via the secreted modulatory microbial protein “metaproteome”. Although high-throughput state-of-art mass spectrometry has recently empowered metaproteomics, its profile remains unclear, and, most importantly, the exact consequences and underlying mechanism of these protein molecules on the host are insufficiently understood. Here we address the current progress in the study of the human metaproteome, suggesting possible modulation, a metaproteome dysbiotic signature, challenges, and future perspectives.