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Comparing Hall Effect and Field Effect Measurements on the Same Single Nanowire

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posted on 13.01.2016, 00:00 by Olof Hultin, Gaute Otnes, Magnus T. Borgström, Mikael Björk, Lars Samuelson, Kristian Storm
We compare and discuss the two most commonly used electrical characterization techniques for nanowires (NWs). In a novel single-NW device, we combine Hall effect and back-gated and top-gated field effect measurements and quantify the carrier concentrations in a series of sulfur-doped InP NWs. The carrier concentrations from Hall effect and field effect measurements are found to correlate well when using the analysis methods described in this work. This shows that NWs can be accurately characterized with available electrical methods, an important result toward better understanding of semiconductor NW doping.