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Co3O4 Nanowires on Flexible Carbon Fabric as a Binder-Free Electrode for All Solid-State Symmetric Supercapacitor

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posted on 03.08.2017, 17:30 by Promita Howli, Swati Das, Samrat Sarkar, Madhupriya Samanta, Karamjyoti Panigrahi, Nirmalya Sankar Das, Kalyan Kumar Chattopadhyay
Developing portable, lightweight, and flexible energy storage systems has become a necessity with the advent of wearable electronic devices in our modern society. This work focuses on the fabrication of Co3O4 nanowires on a flexible carbon fabric (CoNW/CF) substrate by a simple cost-effective hydrothermal route. The merits of the high surface area of the prepared Co3O4 nanostructures result in an exceptionally high specific capacitance of 3290 F/g at a scan rate of 5 mV/s, which is close to their theoretical specific capacitance. Furthermore, a solid-state symmetric supercapacitor (SSC) based on CoNW/CF (CoNW/CF//CoNW/CF) was fabricated successfully. The device attains high energy and power densities of 6.7 Wh/kg and 5000 W/kg. It also demonstrates excellent rate capability and retains 95.3% of its initial capacitance after 5000 cycles. Further, the SSC holds its excellent performance at severe bending conditions. When a series assembly of four such devices is charged, it can store sufficient energy to power a series combination of five light-emitting diodes. Thus, this SSC device based on a three-dimensional coaxial architecture opens up new strategies for the design of next-generation flexible supercapacitors.