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Chemically Regenerative Redox Fuel Cells Using Iron Redox Couples as a Liquid Catalyst with Cocatalysts

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posted on 14.07.2016, 00:00 by Sang-Beom Han, Da-Hee Kwak, Hyun Suk Park, In-Ae Choi, Jin-Young Park, Kyeng-Bae Ma, Ji-Eun Won, Do-Hyoung Kim, Si-Jin Kim, Min-Cheol Kim, Kyung-Won Park
Chemically regenerative redox fuel cells (CRRFCs) using liquid catalysts as an alternative to solid-state cathode catalysts have been intensively studied. Here, we studied Fe2+/Fe3+ as a liquid catalyst with Fe-macrocycles as a cocatalyst in CRRFCs. The Fe2+-oxidation rate was enhanced in the presence of Fe-Phthanolocyanine. The single cell having the cathode supplied by the liquid catalyst with Fe-Pc showed a maximum power density of ∼249 mW cm–2.