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Charge Carriers Modulate the Bonding of Semiconductor Nanoparticle Dopants As Revealed by Time-Resolved X‑ray Spectroscopy

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journal contribution
posted on 28.08.2017 by Asra Hassan, Xiaoyi Zhang, Xiaohan Liu, Clare E. Rowland, Ali M. Jawaid, Soma Chattopadhyay, Ahmet Gulec, Armen Shamirian, Xiaobing Zuo, Robert F. Klie, Richard D. Schaller, Preston T. Snee
Understanding the electronic structure of doped semiconductors is essential to realize advancements in electronics and in the rational design of nanoscale devices. Reported here are the results of time-resolved X-ray absorption studies on copper-doped cadmium sulfide nanoparticles that provide an explicit description of the electronic dynamics of the dopants. The interaction of a dopant ion and an excess charge carrier is unambiguously observed via monitoring the oxidation state. The experimental data combined with DFT calculations demonstrate that dopant bonding to the host matrix is modulated by its interaction with charge carriers. Furthermore, the transient photoluminescence and the kinetics of dopant oxidation reveal the presence of two types of surface-bound ions that create midgap states.