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Bright Solvent-Free Luminescent Liquid with Magnetism Composed of a Thiocyanate Complex of Ce(III)

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posted on 14.09.2020, 19:42 by Toshifumi Iimori, Hiroto Sugawa, Nobuya Uchida
Ionic liquids composed of a thiocyanate complex of Ce­(III) exhibit bright cyan photoluminescence with a quantum yield close to 40% in addition to paramagnetism. The morphology of a droplet of ionic liquid changes in response to solvent vapor as a stimulus. The emission lifetime and thermal property are characterized. The Weiss temperature is evaluated from the magnetic property measurements, which indicates that antiferromagnetic exchange interaction exists between Ce­(III) ions. Insight into the characteristics of the electronic transitions in the Ce­(III) complex is obtained using quantum chemical calculations. Thiocyanate complexes of Ce­(III) are demonstrated as promising building blocks to produce solvent-free luminescent functional materials.