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Biobased Polyamide Thermosets: From a Facile One-Step Synthesis to Strong and Flexible Materials

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posted on 09.08.2019, 17:36 by Charalampos Pronoitis, Geng Hua, Minna Hakkarainen, Karin Odelius
Biobased polyamide (PA) thermosets composed of renewable ethylene brassylate were synthesized through a one-step reaction under solvent-free conditions, at 100 °C in the presence of an organocatalyst. Under these conditions, thermoset formation times as low as 10 min were achieved. The thermosets were easily prepared as thin, transparent films with high strength, flexibility, and high thermal stability. The ester-to-amine content and formation of ethylene glycol in situ as a byproduct of the reaction were studied and correlated with the final properties of the materials. Crystalline oligoester segments were identified as a result of ring-opening polymerization and were shown to have a beneficial effect on the mechanical properties of the thermosets and endowed shape-memory behavior. In contrast to other routes, employing multistep monomer preparation, harsh conditions, and chlorinated reagents, this procedure contributed to the development of sustainable, functional PA thermosets.