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Binuclear Fluoro-Bridged Zinc and Cadmium Complexes of a Schiff Base Expanded Porphyrin:  Fluoride Abstraction from the Tetrafluoroborate Anion

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posted on 06.08.2007, 00:00 by Elisa Tomat, Luciano Cuesta, Vincent M. Lynch, Jonathan L. Sessler
Reactions of the Schiff base oligopyrrolic octaazamacrocycle 1 with BF4- salts of divalent zinc and cadmium result in fluoride anion abstraction and the formation of difluoride-bridged metal complexes. X-ray diffraction analyses provide support for the notion that hydrogen-bonding interactions, involving the N−H groups of the macrocycle and the coordinated fluoride ions, play an important role in stabilizing these new complexes.