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Antisuperbug Cotton Fabric with Excellent Laundering Durability

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journal contribution
posted on 27.07.2016, 00:00 by Ming Yu, Ziqiang Wang, Min Lv, Rongzhang Hao, Rongtao Zhao, Lihua Qi, Shima Liu, Chuhong Yu, Bowu Zhang, Chunhai Fan, Jingye Li
Multidrug-resistant superbugs are currently a severe threat to public health. Here, we report a novel kind of antisuperbug material prepared by irradiation induced graft polymerization of 1-butyl-3-vinyl imidazole chloride onto cotton fabric. The reduction of superbugs on this fabric is higher than 99.9%. Attributed to the strong covalent bonding between the graft chains and the cellulose macromolecules, the antisuperbug performance did not decrease even after 150 equiv of domestic laundering cycles. Covalent bonding also prevented the release of the antibacterial groups during application and guarantees the safety of the material, which was proved by animal skin irritation and acute oral toxicity tests.