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Anisotropic Triangular Lattice Realized in Rhenium Oxychlorides A3ReO5Cl2 (A = Ba, Sr)

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posted on 25.06.2020 by Daigorou Hirai, Takeshi Yajima, Kazuhiro Nawa, Mitsuaki Kawamura, Zenji Hiroi
We report the synthesis, crystal structure, and magnetic properties of the two new quantum antiferromagnets A3ReO5Cl2 (A = Sr, Ba). The crystal structure is isostructural with the mineral pinalite Pb3WO5Cl2, in which the Re6+ ion is square pyramidally coordinated by five oxide atoms and forms an anisotropic triangular lattice (ATL) made of S = 1/2 spins. The magnetic interactions J and J′ in the ATL are estimated from magnetic susceptibilities to be 19.5 (44.9) and 9.2 (19.3) K, respectively, with J′/J = 0.47 (0.43) for A = Ba (Sr). For each compound, the heat capacity at low temperatures shows a large T-linear component with no signature of long-range magnetic order above 2 K, which suggests a gapless spin liquid state of one-dimensional character of the J chains in spite of the significantly large J′ couplings. This is a consequence of one-dimensionalization by geometrical frustration in the ATL magnet; a similar phenomenon has been observed in two compounds with slightly smaller J′/J values: Cs2CuCl4 (J′/J = 0.3) and the related compound Ca3ReO5Cl2 (0.32). Our findings demonstrate that 5d mixed-anion compounds provide a unique opportunity to explore novel quantum magnetism.