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An STM Study on Nonionic Fluorosurfactant Zonyl FSN Self-Assembly on Au(111): Large Domains, Few Defects, and Good Stability

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posted on 02.12.2008 by Yongan Tang, Jiawei Yan, Xiaoshun Zhou, Yongchun Fu, Bingwei Mao
Nonionic Fluorosurfactant Zonyl FSN self-assembly on Au(111) is investigated with scanning tunneling microscopy under ambient conditions. STM reveals that the FSN forms SAMs on Au(111) with very large domain size and almost no defects. A (√3 × √3)R30° arrangement of the FSN SAM on Au(111) is observed. The SAMs show excellent chemical stability and last for at least a month in atmospheric conditions. The structure and stability of the FSN SAMs are compared with those of alkanethiols SAMs. It is expected that FSN may serve as a new kind of molecule to form SAMs for surface modification, which would benefit wider applications for various purposes.