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An Orally Active Bradykinin B1 Receptor Antagonist Engineered as a Bifunctional Chimera of Sunflower Trypsin Inhibitor

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posted on 05.12.2016 by Yibo Qiu, Misako Taichi, Na Wei, Huan Yang, Kathy Qian Luo, James P. Tam
An orally active and metabolically stable peptide TIBA was successfully engineered as a chimera by fusing an analgesic bradykinin receptor antagonist peptide and the trypsin inhibitory loop of sunflower trypsin inhibitor-1. As a fusion cyclic peptide, the metabolically labile analgesic peptide is protected from degradation by exopeptidases as well as the endopeptidases, and its serum half-life extended from <5 min to >6 h as a chimera. Moreover, the chimera TIBA was also found to be orally active in an animal pain model using a hot plate assay.