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An Extraordinary Example of Metalloselectivity. Extraction of Copper from the Mixed-Metal Cluster Cu2Ru6(CO)166-C)(NCMe)2 by 1,5,9-Trithiacyclododecane

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posted on 10.12.1996 by Richard D. Adams, Ralph Layland, Kenneth McBride
The reaction of Cu2Ru6(CO)166-C)(NCMe)2, 1, with the thiacrown ether 1,5,9-trithiacyclododecane (12S3) resulted in the extraction of both copper atoms from the ruthenium cluster complex by the thiacrown and formation of the salt [Cu(η3-12S3)(η1-12S3)]2[Ru6(CO)166-C)], 2, in 56% yield. Compound 2 was characterized by a single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The structures of the ions are similar to those found in previously reported salts.