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Alkene Diamination Using Electron-Rich Amines: Hypervalent Iodine-Promoted Inter-/Intramolecular C–N Bond Formation

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posted on 18.07.2014 by Ki Bum Hong, Jeffrey N. Johnston
A combined inter-/intramolecular oxidative diamination of terminal alkenes is described that uses a hypervalent iodine oxidant and a nucleophilic amine to produce 3-aminoindolines at room temperature. This operationally straightforward and metal-free protocol is compatible with a broad range of functional groups. A mechanism involving the conversion of the amine to an electrophilic nitrogen source is advanced and used to identify a protocol effective with substoichiometric amounts of iodide and commercially available phenyl iodobenzene diacetate (PIDA) as the stoichiometric oxidant.