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Aeropectin: Fully Biomass-Based Mechanically Strong and Thermal Superinsulating Aerogel

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posted on 09.06.2014, 00:00 by Cyrielle Rudaz, Rémi Courson, Laurent Bonnet, Sylvie Calas-Etienne, Hébert Sallée, Tatiana Budtova
Monolithic pectin aerogels, aeropectins, were prepared via dissolution–gelation–coagulation and subsequent drying with supercritical CO2. Aeropectin had pore sizes that varied from mesopores to small macropores and compression moduli in the range from 4 to 18 MPa. Aeropectins show plastic deformation up to 60% strain before the pore walls collapse. Pectin aerogels have a thermal conductivity below that of air in ambient conditions, making them new thermal superinsulating fully biomass-based materials. The contribution of gas and solid conduction plus radiative heat transfer were determined and discussed.