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Addition of Diethylzinc to Dicobalt Hexacarbonyl Complexes of α,β-Acetylenic Aldehydes with Virtually Complete Enantioselectivity. A Formal Synthesis of (+)-Incrustoporin

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posted on 17.06.2002 by Montserrat Fontes, Xavier Verdaguer, Lluís Solà, Anton Vidal-Ferran, Katamreddy Subba Reddy, Antoni Riera, Miquel A. Pericàs
The addition of diethylzinc to dicobalt hexacarbonyl complexes of acetylenes mediated by (R)-2-piperidino-1,1,2-triphenylethanol takes place with very high enantioselectivity (96−99% ee) to afford the S enantiomers of dicobalt hexacarbonyl complexes of 1-alkynyl-1-propanols. The utility of this process is exemplified by the development of a short, highly enantioselective (99% ee) synthesis of unnatural incrustoporin.