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Acetonitrile–Hexane Extraction Route to Pure Sulfonium Salts

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posted on 29.05.2020 by Bilal Altundas, Chepuri V. Suneel Kumar, Fraser F. Fleming
A rapid, simple procedure is described for synthesizing trialkyl, dialkylaryl, and alkyldiaryl sulfonium salts that features a selective extraction procedure to access analytically pure sulfonium salts. Alkylation of dialkylsulfides, alkylarylsulfides, and diarylsulfides followed by partitioning between acetonitrile and hexanes efficiently separates nonpolar reactants and byproducts, the usual impurities, to afford analytically pure crystalline and noncrystalline sulfonium salts. The method is efficient, general, and particularly well suited for the preparation of oily sulfonium salts that are otherwise extremely difficult to purify.