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A Polarization-Actuated Plasmonic Circulator

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journal contribution
posted on 01.10.2020 by Tzu-Yu Chen, Dhruv Tyagi, Yun-Chorng Chang, Chen-Bin Huang
A circulator for surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) based on a plasmonic two-wire transmission-line (TWTL) structure is experimentally realized. A TWTL offers two distinct plasmon modes that can be independently excited, solely determined by the polarization of the laser field. Through controlled superposition of the two modes, TWTLs are exploited to enable polarization-actuated plasmonic circulators. In the first demonstration, the coupling antennas to the plasmonic circulator are designed to circulate SPPs sensitive to linearly polarized excitation. In the second design, the circulator reacts to the spin angular momenta carried by circularly polarized laser excitations. In both cases, the SPP circulation directions are directly controlled by the laser polarization, and the number of ports is easily expandable. Experimentally, a wide optical operational bandwidth of ∼100 nm is achieved. The results show a major step toward the realization of multifunctioning photonic nanocircuitry.