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A Novel Constrained-Geometry Niobocene Complex with a Phosphanidoalkylcyclopentadienyl Ligand:  [Nb(NtBu){(η5-C5H4)CMe2PPh-κP}{(η5-C5H4)CMe2PHPh}]

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journal contribution
posted on 25.04.2005 by Santiago Gómez-Ruiz, Thomas Höcher, Sanjiv Prashar, Evamarie Hey-Hawkins
Li[(C5H4)CMe2PHPh] reacts with [Nb(NtBu)Cl3(py)2] with formation of [Nb(NtBu){(η5-C5H4)CMe2PPh-κP}{(η5-C5H4)CMe2PHPh}] (1), which exhibits a PH-functionalized phosphanylalkylcyclopentadienyl and a chelating phosphanidoalkylcyclopentadienyl ligand. Complex 1 was characterized by NMR spectroscopy. Only two of the four possible diastereomers are present in solution. X-ray crystallography showed that only the RNb,SPcoord,RPnon/SNb,RPcoord,SPnon isomer is present in the unit cell.