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A New Method to Synthesize Complicated Multibranched Carbon Nanotubes with Controlled Architecture and Composition

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posted on 08.02.2006, 00:00 by Dacheng Wei, Yunqi Liu, Lingchao Cao, Lei Fu, Xianglong Li, Yu Wang, Gui Yu, Daoben Zhu
Here we develop a simple method by using flow fluctuation to synthesize arrays of multibranched carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that are far more complex than those previously reported. The architectures and compositions can be well controlled, thus avoiding any template or additive. A branching mechanism of fluctuation-promoted coalescence of catalyst particles is proposed. This finding will provide a hopeful approach to the goal of CNT-based integrated circuits and be valuable for applying branched junctions in nanoelectronics and producing branched junctions of other materials.