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A Multifunctional PB@mSiO2–PEG/DOX Nanoplatform for Combined Photothermal–Chemotherapy of Tumor

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posted on 11.04.2016, 00:00 by Yun Yan Su, Zhaogang Teng, Hui Yao, Shou Ju Wang, Ying Tian, Yun Lei Zhang, Wen Fei Liu, Wei Tian, Li Juan Zheng, Nan Lu, Qian Qian Ni, Xiao Dan Su, Yu Xia Tang, Jing Sun, Ying Liu, Jiang Wu, Gui Fen Yang, Guang Ming Lu, Long Jiang Zhang
In this work, we design mesoporous silica-coated Prussian blue nanocubes with PEGyltation to construct multifunctional PB@mSiO2–PEG nanocubes. The PB@mSiO2–PEG nanocubes have good biocompatibility, excellent photothermal transformation capacity, in vivo magnetic resonance and photoacoustic imaging ability. After loading antitumor drug doxorubicin (DOX) in the PB@mSiO2–PEG nanocubes, the constructured PB@mSiO2–PEG/DOX nanoplatforms show an excellent pH-responsive drug release character within 48 h, namely, an ultralow cumulative drug release amount of 3.1% at pH 7.4 and a high release amount of 46.6% at pH 5.0. Upon near-infrared laser irradiation, the PB@mSiO2–PEG/DOX nanoplatforms show an enhanced synergistic photothermal and chemical therapeutic efficacy for breast cancer than solo photothermal therapy or chemotherapy.