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1,3-Double Siloxo-Bridged Zirconium Metallocene for Propene and 1-Hexene Regioselective Oligomerization

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posted on 21.02.2016 by Addis Londaitsbehere, Tomás Cuenca, Marta E.G. Mosquera, Jesús Cano, Stefano Milione, Alfonso Grassi
The new 1,3-disiloxo-bridged dichloro zirconocene [{(η5-C5H3)2-μ,μ-1,3-(Me2SiOSiMe2)2}­ZrCl2] (2) has been synthesized and fully characterized. Complex 2, combined with MAO, polymerizes propene and 1-hexene with high 1,2-regioselectivity, yielding oligomers containing vinylidene end groups produced via a β-hydrogen elimination reaction.