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Stoichiometric Functionalization of Gold Nanoparticles in Solution through a Free Radical Polymerization Approach

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posted on 05.03.2008, 00:00 by Christian Krüger, Seema Agarwal, Andreas Greiner
A new simple concept for the stoichiometrical functionalization of nanoparticles based on free radical polymerization of vinyl protected nanoparticles is presented. To demonstrate this concept 2-bis(4-vinylphenyl)disulfane was synthesized and used in the synthesis of gold nanoparticles, leading to 4-vinylthiophenol functionalized nanoparticles. Simple free radical polymerization of these particles initiated by 4,4‘-azobis-(4-cyanopentanoic acid) delivered nanoparticles with a single carboxyl group. These monofunctionalized gold nanoparticles were utilized for chemical preparation of gold nanoparticle dimers as well as for construction of gold nanoparticle arrays via binding to polyallylamine.