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Partial Reduction and Two-Step Modification of Proteins for Identification of Disulfide Bonds

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posted on 2002-03-30, 00:00 authored by Volker Schnaible, Stephan Wefing, Anne Bücker, Sybille Wolf-Kümmeth, Daniel Hoffmann
An experimental protocol was established to combine partial reduction, cyanylation, and a second modification step for the assignment of disulfide bonds in proteins that are resistant to proteolysis under native conditions. After proteolysis, disulfide bonds were assigned via MALDI mass spectrometry with subsequent semiautomatic interpretation using the program SearchXLinks, which enumerates all possible combinations of proteolytic fragments for all observed monoisotopic masses. The putative assignment of disulfide bonds was confirmed by ISD and PSD fragmentation of the corresponding protonated molecules.