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New Device To Simulate Swallowing and in Vivo Aroma Release in the Throat from Liquid and Semiliquid Food Systems

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posted on 20.10.2004, 00:00 authored by Koen G. C. Weel, Alexandra E. M. Boelrijk, Jack J. Burger, Maykel Verschueren, Harry Gruppen, Alphons G. J. Voragen, Gerrit Smit
This paper describes a novel device to simulate in vivo aroma release from liquids. This artificial throat simulates the act of swallowing followed by exhalation and shows aroma release curves that are similar in shape to in vivo release profiles. Liquids are poured down a tube, and a thin liquid film remains at the inner wall of the tube. Subsequently, aroma compounds release from this film into a stream of air flowing through this tube, which is analyzed by MS−Nose analysis. The effects of air flow rate, contact time with glass surface, presence of saliva, and addition of whey protein, as well as volume, concentration, temperature, and viscosity of the liquid have been studied and compared with aroma release measurements in vivo. A high level of agreement was found. These results confirm the importance of swallowing for aroma release of liquids, as mentioned in the literature, and the usefulness of the new mimicking device. Keywords: APCI-MS; MS−Nose; artificial throat; thin layer; viscosity; saliva