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Influence of Blending on the Content of Different Compounds in the Biological Aging of Sherry Dry Wines

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posted on 05.05.2004, 00:00 by Teresa M. Berlanga, Rafael Peinado, Carmen Millán, Juan C. Mauricio, Jose M. Ortega
Principal components analysis to examine the effect of blending (viz. the mixing and transfer of wine between cask rows in a “criaderas and solera” system) on metabolic activity in flor yeasts during biological aging of sherry dry wines was carried out. The variables used in the analysis were the wine compounds most deeply involved in the flor yeast metabolism, namely ethanol, acetaldehyde, glycerol, acetic acid, and l-proline. The greatest blending effect was found to be on the third and second “criadera”, which are the stages where the yeasts show a high metabolic activity. The stages holding the oldest wine (viz. the first criadera and the solera) exhibited no differences before and after blending; therefore, the yeasts have a decreased biological activity in them and physical-chemical aging processes seemingly prevail over it. Keywords: Biological aging; blending; flor yeasts; wine