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Facile and Rapid Access to Inosine Puromycin Analogues through the Use of Adenylate Deaminase

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posted on 2007-07-19, 00:00 authored by Adib Charafeddine, Hubert Chapuis, Peter Strazewski
To study the ribosomal peptidyl transfer, puromycin analogues are of interest in which adenine has been replaced by hypoxanthine. We synthesized inosine puromycin analogues from 3‘-azidodeoxyadenosine derivatives using adenylate deaminase for the quantitative transformation of the N-heterocycle. The amino acid coupling was carried out under Staudinger−Vilarrasa conditions in 94% yield starting from the protected and in 82% using the unprotected azide, thus, in the presence of two hydroxyls and a lactam function.