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Creating Aligned Arrays of Bacillus Megaterium in Sol−Gel Matrixes

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posted on 29.05.2007, 00:00 by Shantang Liu, Lynn F. Wood, Dennis E. Ohman, Maryanne M. Collinson
This paper describes a simple and convenient method for constructing an array of aligned bacteria and its immobilization in a solid framework. Paramagnetic particles were attached to Bacillus megaterium via the carbodiimide coupling between the amine functional groups on the particle with carboxylic acid groups on the bacteria. It was found that the amount of particles on the surface of the bacteria was dependent on the experimental conditions such as reaction time. After the surface of the bacteria was fully coated with the magnetic particles, the bacteria responded to an external magnetic force. By taking advantage of this property, two-dimensional arrays of bacteria were easily formed on a glass substrate over a large area both in aqueous solution and in a silica-based sol. The aligned wire-like structures were frozen in place via gelation of the sol. These structures are highly stable and reproducible and can be used to create nanostructured arrays on surfaces for the fabrication of novel chemical sensors or catalytic supports.