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An Oxide Ion Encapsulating Tetraholmium Tetrahedron Stabilized by Complexation with the “Carbons Apart” C2B4-Carborane Ligands

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posted on 2003-10-27, 00:00 authored by Jianhui Wang, Shoujian Li, Chong Zheng, Narayan S. Hosmane, John A. Maguire, Herbert W. Roesky, Christopher C. Cummins, Wolfgang Kaim
The reaction of closo-exo-5,6-Na(THF)2-1-Na(THF)2-2,4-(SiMe3)2-2,4-C2B4H4 with HoCl3 and H2O in a molar ratio of 5:4:1 produces the new holmacarborane cluster {[η5-1-Ho(THF)-2,3-(SiMe3)2-2,3-C2B4H4]4-Cl)24-O)} as a pale yellow crystalline solid in 86% yield. The crystal structure shows that the core of the cluster consists of four Ho atoms that tetrahedrally surround an oxygen atom.