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67Zn Solid-State and Single-Crystal NMR Spectroscopy and X-ray Crystal Structure of Zinc Formate Dihydrate

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posted on 2001-12-27, 00:00 authored by Andrew S. Lipton, Mark D. Smith, Richard D. Adams, Paul D. Ellis
The crystal structure, quadrupole coupling parameters, and the orientation of the electric field gradient tensors for each site of zinc formate dihydrate have been determined. There are two distinct sites in the asymmetric unit:  one containing four in-plane waters with two bridging formats, the other containing six bridging formates. The solid-state NMR lineshapes have been assigned to their respective sites by using isotopic labeling and cross-polarization methods. The hydrated site corresponds to the lineshape having a quadrupole coupling constant (Cq) of 9.6 MHz and the anhydrous site has a Cq of 6.2 MHz. The absence of chemical shielding contributions to the observed lineshapes has been verified with a high-field solid-state NMR experiment performed at 18.8 T.