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[MnIIIMnIV2Mo14O56]17–: A Mixed-Valence Meso-Polyoxometalate Anion Encapsulated by a 64-Nuclearity Silver Cluster

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posted on 30.06.2016, 14:03 by Jian-Yu Wang, Kuan-Guan Liu, Zong-Jie Guan, Zi-Ang Nan, Yu-Mei Lin, Quan-Ming Wang
A 64-nuclearity silver cluster encapsulating a unique POM anion [MnIIIMnIV2Mo14O56]17– has been synthesized. The formation of the templating core performs a reassembly process for increasing nuclearities from {MnMo9} to {Mn3Mo14}. It represents a rare inorganic meso anion containing mixed-valent Mn that is built up by d-{MnIVMo7} and l-{MnIVMo7} units connecting together through a {MnIII} fragment.