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β‑Hexaalkylporphycenes: Positional Effect of Alkyl Groups toward Design and Control of Structural and Photophysical Properties in Isomeric Hexaethylporphycenes

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posted on 23.12.2016, 19:36 by Narendra N. Pati, B. Sathish Kumar, Pradeepta K. Panda
Two novel β-hexaalkylated porphycenes, i.e., 2,3,7,12,13,17- (HOT) and 2,3,6,12,13,16-hexaethylporphycenes (HIT) were introduced for the first time in porphycene chemistry. These were synthesized through McMurry coupling reactions of new isomeric unsymmetrically substituted triethylbipyrrole dialdehydes. The positional effects of alkyl groups could be manifested through significant alteration in structure of porphycene cores and, as a consequence their photophysical properties, not noticed in β-octaethylporphycene. HOT displays significant fluorescence accompanied by reasonable singlet oxygen generation ability.