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β‑Functionalization of Indolin-2-one-Derived Aliphatic Acids for the Divergent Synthesis of Spirooxindole γ‑Butyrolactones

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posted on 2017-03-22, 00:00 authored by Jing Cao, Shuding Dong, Delu Jiang, Peiyu Zhu, Han Zhang, Rui Li, Zhanyi Li, Xuanyu Wang, Weifang Tang, Ding Du
β-Functionalization of indolin-2-one-derived aliphatic acids has been applied in formal [3 + 2] annualtions for catalyst-free and divergent synthesis of two series of structurally interesting 3,3′-spirooxindole γ-butyrolactones that may be attractive for potential drug discovery. These findings also pave the way for further diversity-oriented synthesis of spirooxindoles starting from indolin-2-one-derived aliphatic acids or their derivatives.