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β-Elimination-Immune PCcarbeneP Iridium Complexes via Double C–H Activation: Ligand–Metal Cooperation in Hydrogen Activation

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posted on 2016-02-21, 13:57 authored by Richard J. Burford, Warren E. Piers, Masood Parvez
The synthesis of two members of a new PCP pincer ligand family and their complexation with iridium has been developed. Double C–H activation results in a ligand anchored by a carbene donor; hydrogen reversibly adds to the (PCcarbeneP)­IrCl complexes 3R (R = iPr, tBu). Aryl, amido, and phenoxy derivatives are available from the chlorides via salt metathesis. These compounds add H2 and eliminate H–X; the iridium compound is trapped as a PCalkylP iridium polyhydride.