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[CpArNi{Ga(nacnac)}]: An Open-Shell Nickel(I) Complex Supported by a Gallium(I) Carbenoid (CpAr = C5(C6H4‑4-Et)5, nacnac = HC[C(Me)N-(C6H3)‑2,6‑iPr2]2)

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posted on 2016-03-07, 18:50 authored by Uttam Chakraborty, Bernd Mühldorf, Niels J. C. van Velzen, Bas de Bruin, Sjoerd Harder, Robert Wolf
The 17 valence electron (VE) open-shell nickel gallanediyl complex [CpArNi­{Ga­(nacnac)}] (3, Ar = C5(C6H4-4-Et)5, nacnac = HC­[C­(Me)­N­(C6H3-2,6-iPr2)]2), having an unsupported Ni–Ga bond, was synthesized from [CpArNi­(μ-Br)]2 (1) by reducing the adduct [CpArNi­(μ-Br)­{Ga­(nacnac)}] (2) or, alternatively, trapping the “CpArNiI” synthon with Ga­(nacnac); spectroscopic and DFT studies showed that the single unpaired electron in 3 resides mainly at the Ni center.