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[Cp(PMe3)2Ru(η2-HSiCl3)]+:  Structure and Bonding of a Rare Cationic η2-Silane Complex

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posted on 12.04.2002, 00:00 by Samuel T. N. Freeman, Frederick R. Lemke, Lee Brammer
Protonation of Cp(PMe3)2RuSiCl3 (1) leads to the formation of [Cp(PMe3)2Ru(η2-HSiCl3)]+ (2+), a rare example of a cationic η2-silane complex. The η2-silane coordination in 2+ is confirmed by an X-ray crystallographic study. The short Ru−H and long Si−H interactions in 2+ model the latter stages of hydrosilane oxidative addition to a metal center.