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[Ag25(SR)18]: The “Golden” Silver Nanoparticle

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posted on 2015-09-16, 00:00 authored by Chakra P. Joshi, Megalamane S. Bootharaju, Mohammad J. Alhilaly, Osman M. Bakr
Silver nanoparticles with an atomically precise molecular formula [Ag25(SR)18] (−SR: thiolate) are synthesized, and their single-crystal structure is determined. This synthesized nanocluster is the only silver nanoparticle that has a virtually identical analogue in gold, i.e., [Au25(SR)18], in terms of number of metal atoms, ligand count, superatom electronic configuration, and atomic arrangement. Furthermore, both [Ag25(SR)18] and its gold analogue share a number of features in their optical absorption spectra. This unprecedented molecular analogue in silver to mimic gold offers the first model nanoparticle platform to investigate the centuries-old problem of understanding the fundamental differences between silver and gold in terms of nobility, catalytic activity, and optical property.