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Zinc(II) η1- and η2-Toluene Complexes:  Structure and Bonding in Zn(C6F5)2·(toluene) and Zn(C6F4-2-C6F5)2·(toluene)

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posted on 03.07.2006, 00:00 by Antonio Guerrero, Eddy Martin, David L. Hughes, Nikolas Kaltsoyannis, Manfred Bochmann
The first structural characterization of toluene complexes of zinc is reported. The (perfluoroaryl)zinc compounds Zn(C6F5)2·(toluene) and Zn(C6F4-2-C6F5)2·(toluene) show toluene in η2 and η1 coordination modes, respectively. On the other hand, charge distribution calculations, Mulliken overlap population analysis, and bonding energy data suggest that the interactions between the Zn and the toluene ring are rather similar in both cases.