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Zinc Acetate-Promoted Buchwald–Hartwig Couplings of Heteroaromatic Amines

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posted on 05.07.2017, 15:48 by Rajaram Ayothiraman, Sundaramurthy Rangaswamy, Prantik Maity, Eric M. Simmons, Gregory L. Beutner, Jacob Janey, Daniel S. Treitler, Martin D. Eastgate, Rajappa Vaidyanathan
Zinc salts have been shown to promote the Buchwald–Hartwig coupling of azaindoles and azaindazoles with heteroaryl chlorides to provide the corresponding 1-aryl-1H-azaindoles and 1-aryl-1H-azaindazoles. The substrate scope and mechanistic aspects of this reaction were explored.