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Visible-Light-Promoted Remote C(sp3)–H Amidation and Chlorination

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posted on 2015-04-17, 00:00 authored by Qixue Qin, Shouyun Yu
A visible-light-promoted C­(sp3)–H amidation and chlorination of N-chlorosulfonamides (NCSs) is reported. This remote C­(sp3)–H functionalization can be achieved in weak basic solution at room temperature with as little as 0.1 mol % of a photocatalyst. A variety of nitrogen-containing heterocycles (up to 94% yield) and chlorides (up to 93% yield) are prepared from NCSs. Late-stage C­(sp3)–H functionalization of complex and biologically important (−)-cis-myrtanylamine and (+)-dehydroabietylamine derivatives can also be achieved with excellent yields and regioselectivity.