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Versatility in Complexation of Aprotic Guest Molecules by Terphenyl-Based Bisfluorenol Hosts. Structural Modes in the Crystalline Inclusions and of a Guest-Free Host Compound

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posted on 2014-09-03, 00:00 authored by Henrik Klien, Wilhelm Seichter, Edwin Weber
Crystalline inclusion compounds of diol hosts 1 and 2 typical of a basic 2,2″-[1,1′:4′,4″]-terphenyl moiety with two attached 9-fluorenol or tert-butyl-substituted 9-fluorenol units and a variety of aprotic guest molecules have been prepared and studied with reference to their crystal structures. Common and differing structural features among one another and including previously described host–guest complexes of 1 and 2 with protic instead of aprotic guest species are distinguished, indicating potential uses in promising supramolecular inclusion formation and underscoring solvent inclusion.