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Versatile Coordination Mode of LiNaB8O13 and α- and β‑LiKB8O13 via the Flexible Assembly of Four-Connected B5O10 and B3O7 Groups

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posted on 19.01.2016 by Donghai An, Qingrong Kong, Min Zhang, Yun Yang, Danni Li, Zhihua Yang, Shilie Pan, Huimin Chen, Zhi Su, Yi Sun, Miriding Mutailipu
Three new alkali-metal mixed borates, LiNaB8O13, α-LiKB8O13, and β-LiKB8O13, containing a 3[B8O13] three-dimensional network have been successfully synthesized. Their fundamental building block is [B8O16]8– formed by the vertex-sharing [B5O10]5– and [B3O7]5– groups, which are topologically identical when they are considered as four-connected nodes. The viewpoints give us a feasible way to investigate the versatile structure assembly of borates with a complex network.